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Specials - Unlicensed Medicines

What are Specials?
  • Medicines legislation (specifically The Human Medicines Regulations 2012 (SI 2012/1916)) requires that medicinal products are licensed before they are marketed in the UK. However, some patients may have special clinical needs that cannot be met by licensed medicinal products. So that these special needs may be met, the law allows manufacture and supply of unlicensed medicinal products (commonly known ‘Specials’) subject to certain conditions.
  • An unlicensed medicinal product may only be supplied in order to meet the special needs of an individual patient. An unlicensed medicinal product should not be supplied where an equivalent licensed medicinal product can meet the special needs of the patient. Responsibility for deciding whether an individual patient has “special needs” which a licensed product cannot meet should be a matter for the doctor, dentist, nurse independent prescriber, pharmacist independent prescriber or supplementary prescriber responsible for the patient’s care. Examples of “special needs” include an intolerance or allergy to a particular ingredient, or an inability to ingest solid oral dosage forms. These examples are not exhaustive.
How to Place order for Specials

Orders for Unlicensed Medicines can be placed using one of the options below: