• Where Quality is Paramount


Where Quality is Paramount
SyriMed is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the development, licensing and manufacturing of oral liquid medicines.

Licensed Medicines

SyriMed develops, licenses and manufactures oral liquid formulations including oral solutions, oral drops and suspensions. Our formulations cater for the needs of all patients young, elderly and particularly those who have swallowing difficulties.

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Business Partnership

SyriMed is interested in distribution partnerships, co-marketing agreements, forming alliances and joint ventures with partners for pharmaceuticals available on prescription or over the counter.

Medical Information

Phone: 0208 515 3700
Fax: 0208 515 3703
E-mail: medinfo@syrimed.co.uk



Phone: 0208 515 3700
Fax: 0208 515 3703
E-mail: sales@syrimed.co.uk

Who We Are

SyriMed is one of the leading UK Pharmaceutical Companies specialising in the development, licensing, manufacture and marketing of liquid medicines.

What we do

SyriMed success stems from its vibrant and productive Research and Development Department which develops formulations which SyriMed manufactures and supplies. All of SyriMed’s formulations for which it holds marketing authorisations have been developed by SyriMed’s own scientists.

Business Development

If you are a pharmaceutical company interested in distributing our products in your country.

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Product details

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Employment Opportunities

If you would like to become part of the SyriMed team we would like to hear from you.